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If you have decided to pursue a career and are searching for radiology jobs, you can rest assured that after you find employment as a radiology technologist, your annual salary will be a good one. Most people will often ask how much money they will make at a particular job before they decide whether or not they will pursue that as their career. It really doesn’t matter how much money you make if a job does not make you happy, but on the other end of the spectrum you must consider even if a job makes you extremely happy, it still needs to be able to pay the bills.

So what is the average yearly salary of most radiology technologist jobs? Well in the United States as of February 2009 the expected radiology technician salary is hovering right at about $46,500 per year. The low end of that spectrum starts at about $42,000 per year, but you can also expect to see upwards of $50,000 per year, depending of course on experience, location and schooling.

There are a lot of variables that come into play when considering how much salary you will make on a yearly basis at radiology technologist jobs. The number one factor that will determine how much money you will make yearly, is simply your experience. Your experience level is not only based from job related experience, but this also Intel’s how many years of schooling that you have under your belt, what school you attended, or if it is a skill that you learned while on the job.

Having a degree or certificate is a great advantage when looking for a radiology technologist job. However, that piece of paper will not ensure you that you will have a job as soon as you graduate from a technical trade school with a career in radiology technician in mind. Do not expect to come straight out of a trade school and earn a top notch radiology tech salary for the amount of skill level that you have reached with no job experience, while looking for radiology jobs. The skills you learn while on the job will allow you to learn a specific order in which the doctor or physician you are working for expects them to be used.

Once out of college, university, or vocational Institute, you should expect to be retrained by whoever hires you. Do not take this as an insult, all hospitals and physicians use different techniques that they have learned over the years. This is where having experience comes into play. As technology advances you will need to be retrained as a radiology technician. Often times you will be sent away for weekend courses or even week long courses to advance your knowledge to learn how to use new machinery. As you take these courses you can expect your yearly salary as an radiology technologist to increase. Take full advantage of any extra courses or classes that your job would like you to take, as these will only increase your chances to receive promotions, and allow your yearly salary to increase as well.

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Radiology Tech Jobs

If you are pursuing a career as a radiology technician, you have made a wise choice, because employment in the radiology field is projected to grow faster than average, meaning that radiology tech jobs are easier to find and easier to obtain. Before you get out and start searching for radiology jobs, it is a good idea to know what all the involved in getting certified to become a radiology technician.

There are training programs to get you into one of the radiology tech jobs that you’re looking for in a matter of one to four years. These programs are available at technical trade schools, hospitals, universities and vocational institutes. Their 1 to 4 year programs will lead to a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelors degree. As of now and probably into the near future, hospitals will remain the primary employer for radiology technician jobs, however there are a number of new jobs being found in physician offices and in diagnostic imaging centers.

What tasks will be required of you at your radiology tech jobs? Well let’s look over the basics, or the nature of what is involved in most radiology technician jobs. Plain and simple, radiology technologists take x-rays and administer non-radioactive materials into patient’s bloodstream for a diagnostic purpose.

At your radiology technologist job, you will prepare patients for examinations by explaining the procedures that are about to take place during their x-rays. As a technician, you will be responsible for removing their jewelry and other articles of clothing which x-rays cannot pass through. A radiology technician also positions patients so that the parts of their body that need to be radiographed, can be done so, appropriately. It is important that your patient is not exposed to unnecessary radiation. At your radiology technician job, you will be required to use protection devices such as lead shields, and you will be limiting the size of the x-ray beam.

As a radiology technician, you will also be responsible for positioning the radiographic equipment to the correct height and angle over the correct area of a patient’s body. You will need to measure the thickness of the area of the body that is going to be radiographed, or x-rayed, and then set the controls on the x-ray machine to produce radiographs to the appropriate density, detail and contrast. A radiology technologist job also involves placing an x-ray film under the part of the patient’s body that will be examined during the x-ray. You will be responsible for making exposure, removing the film and then developing.

These are some of the more common procedures that will be required at most radiology tech jobs. Some radiology technologist jobs require some advanced training, allowing you the technician to reform other procedures involving more complex knowledge and skill. Some of these specialized skills you may work in are, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and mammographic.

So after reading this, if you still feel like becoming a radiology technician is still the field that you would like to take your career in, remember that radiology tech jobs are a abundant and hospitals are always looking for new employees. Many people wonder what the average salary of those who have radiology technician jobs are. Many people also wonder what kind of training or schooling is involved before you can apply for any radiology technician jobs also. My goal on this site is to research all aspects of what is involved in finding a radiology technologist job, getting the proper schooling to become a radiology tech, and finding out the average salary of a radiology technician throughout the United States.

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